Visiting your Hungarian Girlfriend – 3 Top Etiquette Tips

hungarian girlfriend

Top Tips for when seeing your Hungarian Lady

Hungary is a nation descended from horsemen thus their love for horses and riding. They are also a nation who regards family highly, even to a point where generations of extended family live together and support each other emotionally and financially. This is just a preview of the complexity of the Hungarian culture, but for now, here are a few tips on how to act properly when visiting your Hungarian girlfriend.

Tip#1: Meet and Greet

In Hungary, unlike some of its neighboring countries, people are more western when it comes to first meetings. In some countries, a kiss on each cheek is the polite greeting. A handshake is the preferred gesture in meeting people, though when meeting your Hungarian girlfriend for the first time, wait for her to offer her hand first. Always remember, it is considered rude to offer your hand for a handshake before the lady. This is one of the things where “ladies first” apply. Although, as you go along and get closer, kissing both cheeks, left and then right, becomes more appropriate as this is a gesture between close friends and family. And another word of advice for the meet and greet department, always address people by their title and surnames unless they ask otherwise. Similar enough to western meet and greets.

Tip#2: Gifts

As a guest, you are expected to bring a small token to show your gratitude in being invited over. It is considered good manners to bring your host a little something. Chocolates, perfumes and liquor are the easiest and preferred gifts, though veer away from giving wine as Hungary is a wine producing country and it might come across as a challenge to bring wines from another part of the world. Although, hard drinks and specialty liquors are always welcome.  For your special lady love, your Hungarian girlfriend, a nice bouquet is sure to win you points. A nice odd-numbered bouquet of tulips will do very nicely. Avoid bringing flowers numbered 13 as they consider this an unlucky number. Also, despite its romantic reputation and classic beauty, avoid bringing red roses. Red roses are offered to the dead and might give a negative impact. Other flowers to avoid are the lilies and the chrysanthemums as they are flowers for the dead as well.

Tip#3: When visiting a home

When you are invited over to someone’s house, in this case, your lady love’s home, remember to wear nice, clean socks. This is because most households do not allow outdoor shoes inside their homes. You might be asked to take off your shoes and will be offered indoor slippers. Don’t get caught with holes in your socks. If you are invited to a meal, mind the time. Be punctual. Respecting their time by being punctual will only gain you points for good manners and thus get you on the good side of your Hungarian girlfriend’s family. Remember, family is valued highly here. And while eating, mind your manners. The same dining etiquette applies in Hungary as it does the west.