Partners’ Annoying Habits Everybody Hates: Do You Do These Things?

Once the honeymoon phase of our relationships ends, we all slowly but surely start to realize that our partners may, indeed, not be the flawless god-like creatures we took them for. This is when the so-called “pet hates” start to appear, making our partners' annoying habits almost insufferable.

Do You Agree With The Things Brits Cited As Their Partners' Annoying Habits?

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The Sneakiest Thing Killing Relationships And How To Avoid It

Ask your friends who are in long-term relationships how they feel about them, and what their biggest problem is with regards to their partner. Surely, the most obvious things killing relationships are cheating, constant bickering, and deception. However, there is one thing killing relationships that’s much more common and perhaps even more dangerous because it is so sneaky: boredom. And it’s the … Continue Reading ››