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Anastasia Date: How To Deal With A Partner Who’s Always Traveling

Traveling is good for the soul but is it good for the relationship? Anastasia Date answers this question today. As we date online, one of the most eye-catching phrases a person can have on their dating profile is “loves to travel”, “has traveled the world”, or something similar. But, when we actually date a person with the case of the … Continue Reading ››

AnastasiaDate.com: These Doctors Will Mend Your Broken Heart

Everyone has suffered from a broken heart at least once in their life. Too bad for all of us that we can't, exactly, go to a medical professional who specializes on curing broken hearts because there is none. There is no doctor for broken hearts. Luckily, AnastasiaDate.com might have a good solution to this.

AnastasiaDate.com: The Doctors That … Continue Reading ››