AnastasiaDate Tatyana4

Tatyana wants to enjoy every moment in life with you

Tatyana is cheerful and happy. She is a hairdresses so she loves to talk to people and make them smile. She would also love to put a smile on a face of her special someone. Could that be you?…

AnastasiaDate Daria2

You will not be bored with Daria

Daria is one very feisty and lively girl. She loves life and all excitement it brings. She is looking for someone she could share all of her energy with. Are you up for a one hell of a ride with…

AnastasiaDate Juliya3

Juliya is ready to make your dreams come true

Juliya is ready to find a man of her dreams and to make his dreams come true. She thinks maybe you to have already met while you were sleeping. Could that be true? Save

AnastasiaDate Nataliya

Nataliya is not looking for a perfect man

There are many sides to Nataliya, as there are to every person. She is aware that perfection does not exist, so she is not looking for that in a man. She just wants you to be by her side when…

AnastasiaDate Anna3

Anna wants you to be her hero

Anna is searching for her hero. But that doesn’t mean she wants you to kill some dragons and bring her their heads, she just wants to feel safe with you, in your own little world. Would you like to be…

AnastasiaDate Maragarita

Margarita wants to look into your soul

Margarita wishes to live in harmony and love. And to achieve that, she needs a man who will surrender to her completely and who will let her to look deeply into his soul. Are you ready to do that?

AnastasiaDate Yana

Yana doesn’t care about your looks, she is interested in your character

Yana knows what she wants, and she wants a man with a strong character. You should be determined, focused and not afraid of making decisions and new steps in life. Does that describe you?

AnastasiaDate Alina2

If Alina chooses you, you know you are very special

Just like her flowery dress, Alina is very special. And of course that means she is looking for an equally special man, someone who wants a meaningful, serious, long-term relationship. Do you want that with Alina?

Anastasiadate Darina

Can you help Darina feel like a true woman?

Darina is a very feminine lady, she is full of energy and very caring. Also, she loves to cook and spend her time in the kitchen and is looking for someone who would make her feel like a true woman….

AnastasiaDate Svetlana2

Svetlana looks for an older and romantic man

Svetlana wants a man who is experienced enough to teach her something new, and possibly guide her in the right direction in life. That, of course, means that man should be confident enough. Is that you?