AnastasiaDate Suzanna

Suzanna will waltz into your life

Suzanna is a passionate dancer and she dances whenever she can. She loves how dance makes her feel completely free, and that’s what she searches for in a relationship also: someone who will love her but not suffocate her. Could…

AnastasiaDate Olga

Olga wants to share all of her secrets with you

Olga dreams about having her own family, and is determined to find a man who will help her build it. She would like to meet someone traditional, who will share all of his secrets with her. Are you ready to…

AnastasiaDate Katarina

Katarina searches for a traditionalist who believes in love

Katarina is a young lady who never stops moving. She is also pretty traditional and would like to meet a hyper man who will be able to catch her, but also someone who has high moral values. Is that you?…

AnastasiaDate Kseniya

Kseniya is very soft and feminine

Kseniya is very much of a lady. So if you want to be with her you have to cherish her like a delicate flower. Do you think you could do that?

AnastasiaDate Anastasia3

Anastasia is not looking for perfection

Anastasia doesn’t think that her ideal man should be perfect. She thinks that could be boring and cold. Instead she would like to embrace you for who you are, with all your virtues and flaws. Could you like her the…

Inna will judge you by your deeds, not your words

Inna will judge you by your deeds, not your words

Inna says she is shy and a bit ordinary. That doesn’t mean she doesn’t have substance, but quite opposite exactly. And she hopes she would find a man who has more to offer than just looks. Could that be you?…

AnastasiaDate Svetlana

Svetlana searches for a faithful and reliable man

Although she is very confident, Svetlana is also a delicate woman looking for a man who will be ready to match her personality. She is looking for someone reliable and with sense of humor. Is that you?

AnastasiaDate Daria

Daria loves to laugh and cuddle

Daria loves to laugh, and isn’t afraid to be funny or make fun of herself. But she is also sincere and a good listener, so she kinda makes a perfect woman. Are you ready for a perfect lady in your…

Alina is an artist ready to find a man who will love her

Alina is an artist ready to find a man who will love her

Alina is a very complex girl, and you can find a whole lot in her. She is a hard working girl, but also an arstist – she paints. She would live to find a man who loves her. Could you…

AnastasiaDate Irina2

Irina will give you all of her time

When she is into someone, Irina goes all the way. She always says that time is the most important thing to give to someone: time to get to know them, to listen to them, to help them. Do you have some time…