You’re Experiencing Relationship Trauma When You Spot These Signs

Not all relationships are perfect. Take your past ones as examples. With some of them, we cannot deny the fact that we experienced relationship trauma that we haven't fully healed from yet. Most people call this baggage because we take the trauma with us to our new relationships.

Relationship Trauma Signs That You Should Never Ignore

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Could One Of These Ladies Be Your Next Spring Fling?

For most cultures, Spring represents prosperity and new life. For some, Spring could represent new love. It is a scientific fact that animals have a mating season. Most often, that mating season falls in Spring. Surprisingly, humans seem to have a mating season, too, which falls in late spring and early summer. This could be why we have the expression … Continue Reading ››

European Ladies With The Sweetest Faces

Commonly, women with the sweetest looking faces are the girl-next-door types. You’re already probably familiar with the characteristics this type of ladies possesses. Just from looking at their sweetest faces, they appear to be friendly, down-to-earth, open-minded, familiar, and fun to hang out with. If you want to meet European ladies who are the girl-next-door types, you’re in luck because … Continue Reading ››