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How To Overcome A Situationship Based on Your Zodiac Sign

We’ve already talked about the state of situationship, that uncomfortable state that is neither a proper relationship nor a one-night-stand thing. If it’s the end of this kind of relationship that’s causing you pain, here is how to overcome a situationship based on your zodiac sign.

The Best Way To Overcome A Situationship Depending On Your Star Sign

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Anastasia Date: Unexpected Sign Your Relationship May Be In Trouble

There is no doubt that the social media have changed our lives for good, affecting even the way we act in our romantic relationships. Anastasia Date presents a new study into people’s habits regarding social media and how much they are willing to share about their relationships, revealing that oversharing may be a sign of trouble.

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This Is The Ingredient Needed For A Long-lasting Relationship

If there is one thing for certain, it’s the everyday struggles all relationship are called to grapple with. We are not perfect people and neither are the conditions we live in, which basically explains why our relationships are far from perfect. How do we face life’s challenges and manage to keep it all together in a long-lasting relationship, then? Luckily, … Continue Reading ››