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Learn Everything About Zombieing, The Latest Dating Trend

Have you heard about the latest dating trend, zombieing? No, it doesn’t mean staying up all night watching back-to-back episodes of “The Walking Dead”. If you’ve been a victim of it, you may wish it did, though.

From Ghosting To Zombieing – Keep Up With The New Dating Trend

There has probably never been a time when dating was as interesting as … Continue Reading ››

How This Guy’s Dating Resume Made Him An Internet Sensation

We all know the importance of a job resume and we’ve all got one that we’re moderately proud of. But have you ever heard of a dating resume? Apparently, describing our dating skills on paper is the next big thing.

How Did The Idea Of A Dating Resume Start?                                      

Like all great inventions, the idea for a dating resume was born … Continue Reading ››