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The Craziest Wedding Superstitions People Used To Believe

A couple’s wedding day is often described as the “most important day of their lives” or even their “happiest day”. With so much at stake regarding this day, then, it is only natural that there are numerous wedding superstitions people used to believe in (some even upheld to this day), hoping that doing or avoiding certain things would ensure a … Continue Reading ››

AnastasiaDate: You Should NEVER Change These Things For A Relationship

It’s something of a cliché that relationships are about making compromises and sacrifices. When two people get together and try to build a stable relationship, they need to find common ground, change some parts of their everyday routine and adopt some new habits. However, how far should you go as you make these changes? AnastasiaDate is here to help you … Continue Reading ››

The Internet Romance Nobody Expected And Yet It Really Happened IRL

When we say life works in the most mysterious ways and when we insist that people should take a chance in love, some might laugh and some might even mock us for being overly romantic or optimistic, but this blooming internet romance is our answer to these people.

A Modern-Day Fairytale In The Form Of An Internet Romance  

It was three years … Continue Reading ››

Worst Dating Profiles Out There Will Teach You A Lesson (And Make You Laugh)

You know how when you make your dating profile you want to accentuate the best sides of your appearance by picking your best photograph and you also want to highlight your best personality traits. Well, these guys probably didn’t make a good job of it, resulting in some of the absolute worst dating profiles you’ll ever see.

Worst Dating Profiles Make … Continue Reading ››

Deception In Dating: Are We Being Fooled Or Fooling Ourselves?

“The crush is the instantaneous certainty of the location of the ideal – there’s a lot of self-deception in it”, says modern-day philosopher Alain De Botton, founder of the School of Life. How far do we go deceiving ourselves and to what extent do we allow there to be deception in dating?

Exploring The Reasons Behind Deception In Dating

Deception seems to … Continue Reading ››