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The Most Important Life Skills Any Self-Respecting Man Should Possess

What does it mean to be a man? Defining manhood is such a hard thing to do. While each man is different and unique, there are some important life skills every guy should master in his life. Here are the most essential among them.

How Many Of These Important Life Skills Have You Mastered?

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AnastasiaDate Reveals: Relationship Mistakes You Must Avoid Like The Plague

Despite our best efforts to be perfect partners, every now and then we slip up and make our partner unhappy or make a fool of ourselves or even put our whole relationship on the line. Nobody is perfect, but there are small errors and then there are huge relationship mistakes – which ones are you making? AnastasiaDate explains why they … Continue Reading ››

Worst Breakup Reasons You’ve Ever Heard Of (Hopefully)

People come together and other people break up every day, it’s how life works. Sometimes the breakups are serious, they happen over irreconcilable differences and big issues that seem unsolvable and cause too much hurt. Other times... Well, other times the breakup reasons can vary from being ridiculously funny to being outrageously offensive.

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How To Recognize An Emotional Pirate And Find Peace Of Mind

Even if you have never heard of the term before, you have most probably come across one or more emotional pirates in your life. Even worse, you may have entered a romantic relationship with an emotional pirate without realizing it. Learn how to recognize and ward them off to keep your soul treasures intact.

What’s An Emotional Pirate?

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