CamShare and LiveChat – Why You Need to Use them Often

CamShare and LiveChatLiveChat and CamShare are just a few of the many great features AnastasiaDate offers. If it’s your first time using them, you might feel a little hesitant because you’re unfamiliar with the features and may therefore feel uncomfortable. Understood, but we’re here to convince you why you need to give these features a try and then use them as often as needed:

Reason #1: They’re almost similar to meeting in person.

Since you’re on an online dating site, the only types of communication that you’re going to have is virtual – meaning that there’s no human contact involved unless one of you decides to visit the other. The video sharing and live chatting features will not replace the experience and connection of actually meeting in person but they’re going to be as close as you’re going to get, momentarily.

So for you to maintain a quality connection with the lady that you’ve met, you might want to “meet” virtually as often as time permits. You’ll be able to see her reaction when you say something and you’ll be able to see if she laughs at one of the jokes you just cracked, so why not?

Reason #2: It addresses your doubts about the other party.

One major problem that Russian dating industry has is the scamming. Hundreds of dating sites have upped their security to make sure that scams do not happen but there are always exceptions.

In order to avoid for their clients to be scammed, leading online dating websites have released several how-to blogs and guide articlesAnastasiaDate LiveChat and CamShare that tell you how to spot a scammer from a mile away. Included in their list is, you guessed, regular video chats with the lady.

If you doubt her identity, you can confirm it by having a video chat with her. If you’re concerned about the other party misrepresenting herself, then you can see it directly on video.

Reason #3: Instant responses.

There was snail mail and then email. Now, we have live chat where you’ll be able to see replies in real-time. Think of it as like having a face to face conversation with your beautiful Russian date, only you’re using letters and typing instead of voice and spoken words. You don’t have to wait for the message to arrive to you (unless your internet is as slow as a turtle which is impossible in this day and age). You’ll be able to keep the conversation going and reply with short responses.

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Was that enough to convince you that the video chat (LiveChat and CamShare) features are beneficial for you? Know more about this specific feature from your dating site and begin using them today!