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Irresistible Five: Eyes You Won’t Be Able To Look Away From

This week, we present the Irresistible Five who can captivate a man with one stare. Their eyes are so piercing that it's almost impossible for a man not to notice their profiles on AnastasiaDate. They say the eyes are the windows to the soul, but the following gorgeous AnastasiaDate ladies on this list have eyes that your soul … Continue Reading ››

If Latvia Is As Beautiful As These AnastasiaDate Women, We Are All Moving

We've entered a new month, which means AnastasiaDate has presented its new country of the month - Latvia. That also means it's time we introduce you to some of the Latvian members on our site, in this weeks' rendition of Irresistible Five. (If you've been paying attention, you know that every week we choose five girls we think would … Continue Reading ››

Irresistible Five, The Halloween Edition: Girls Who Love Costumes

You've always wanted to have a woman beside you who is capable of having lots of fun? Well, you've come to the right place then, since those are exactly the girls you'll find in this weeks' Irresistible Five, The Halloween Edition. And yes, that also means those ladies enjoy dressing up in different characters and costumes. Do you already have an … Continue Reading ››

Irresistible Five Special Edition: Find Your Snow White

Well, all of our editions are special, but this week Irresistible Five brings something exclusively for those guys longing to find their Snow White. Or, in more common and less romantic vocabulary, gorgeous girls who have that snow-whitey complexion, dark hair, blue eyes and rosy cheeks and lips. The only thing missing are the dwarves, but we won't include … Continue Reading ››

You Have To Catch Her First: Fit Girls Are This Weeks’ Irresistible Five

Who would you rather spend your time with? Someone always ready for action, always on the move, always looking for something fun, or someone who just lays around and has no will to do anything? If you are more inclined towards the first group, you're probably leaning on the fit girls' side. Sure, that may be a generalization, but those usually … Continue Reading ››