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Irresistible Five: Nerdy Girls You Won’t Regret Meeting

When we were younger, we didn't use to think that wearing glasses was cool because it made one look nerdy. Today, however, a cultural shift happened in our society. Wearing glasses is no longer viewed as something negative. Of course, it is still considered nerdy. But, in today's age, nerdy is the new cool. Just ask these stunning nerdy girls … Continue Reading ››

Irresistible Five: Big City Girls Looking For Love This Valentine’s

Usually, when you go to the big cities in Eastern Europe, like Kiev, most of the women you will encounter exude sophistication. These beauties are into art, classical music, literature, ballet, and fine food. Most probably, these big city girls are also successful in their careers. The problem is, some men find these characteristics intimidating.

Big City Girls Turn … Continue Reading ››

Irresistible Five: What Makes Balkan Beauties So Different?

The Balkans is a peninsula in Eastern and South Eastern Europe. The name was derived from the Balkan mountains which stretch from the Serbian to the Bulgarian border. It is filled with natural and cultural beauty, many travellers would say. Aside from that, you'll be greeted by the warmness of the Balkan people as soon as you arrive. The Irresistible … Continue Reading ››