Are You Ready To Fall In Love With These Beauties From Belarus?

Belarus, meaning “White Russia”, is a landlocked country that counts Latvia, Poland, Lithuania, Russia, and Ukraine as neighbors. With over 40% of the country being forest, it is one of the greenest places in Europe. Its capital, Minsk, is a mix of traditional, communist-era architecture and modern buildings, and it has managed to rebuild itself 18 whole times, after being … Continue Reading ››

The Sneakiest Thing Killing Relationships And How To Avoid It

Ask your friends who are in long-term relationships how they feel about them, and what their biggest problem is with regards to their partner. Surely, the most obvious things killing relationships are cheating, constant bickering, and deception. However, there is one thing killing relationships that’s much more common and perhaps even more dangerous because it is so sneaky: boredom. And it’s the … Continue Reading ››