Are Polish Girls The Prettiest Among Slavic Beauties?

Poland is one of the most interesting European countries, combining a very varied natural landscape with flatland on the one hand and the Carpathian mountain range on the other. It is also a place where one can enjoy life both in an urban and a rural environment. Polish girls are as varied and interesting as the country's landscape. Today, AnastasiaDate … Continue Reading ››

These Hilarious Comments Shed New Light On Long Distance Relationships

inPeople tend to take relationships very seriously, but it’s such a lovely break when we take some time to have fun with life. Even though long distance relationships can be hard work, like all relationships, Buzzfeed took some of the funniest tweets of people in long distance relationships and made us smile.

The Funniest Long Distance Relationships … Continue Reading ››

Celebrity Lookalikes On AnastasiaDate: Girls Who Look Like Famous Beauties

Who doesn’t love celebrity lookalikes? We can look at them for hours. Today’s list is all about having fun finding similarities between AnastasiaDate girls and some of the world’s prettiest celebrities.

Enjoy Looking At These Celebrity Lookalikes' Similarities With Major Stars

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What’s On Her Mind When She’s On A First Date With You

Women are mysterious creatures, we can all agree. And reading people’s minds is not easy, especially when you’re on a first date with someone who you don’t really know much about. There are, however, some thoughts that cross (almost) all women’s mind when they are out on a first date.

This Is What’s She’s Thinking On Your First Date

Even though you’re … Continue Reading ››